X2T Bluetooth Earbuds
X2T Bluetooth Earbuds
X2T Bluetooth Earbuds
X2T Bluetooth Earbuds
X2T Bluetooth Earbuds
X2T Bluetooth Earbuds
X2T Bluetooth Earbuds

X2T Bluetooth Earbuds

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Get your X2T Bluetooth Earbuds, no strings attached(Literally). These headphones are constructed of a lightweight ABS to provide maximum comfort over long periods of time. Because of their small size and light weight these earbuds are perfect for any activity, physical or not. They come with a carrying case that doubles as a 1500mAh charger for the X2T Earbuds. It can charge them 20 times before needing to be charged itself!


  • Bluetooth connection distance up to 30ft away
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • The travel case it comes with doubles as a charger
  • Each earbud will last up to 6 hours with one charge
  • Compatible with every Bluetooth smart phone


Simple Paring Method:
1. Single earphone paring:  Long press the MFB button for 3-5 seconds until the indicator light flash in blue and red color, then open phone's Bluetooth and pair with X2T.
2. Twin earphones paring: First, use the single earphone paring method to pair earphone A with your phone; Second, long press MFB button on earphone B for 2 seconds until red light is flashing, then earphone B will connect with earphone A automatically. After pairing successfully, the red light on earphone B will change to blue.



Materials: Constructed of high quality ABS

Dimensions: 0.7 X 1 inch

Weight: 3.7 oz

Color/Variations: Black and Silver

Charge Time: Earbuds = 2 hours / charging dock = 2 hours

Recommended Age: 12+

*Package Includes*

  • 2*X2T Earbuds
  • 1*Rechargeable charge dock
  • 1*USB charging cable
  • 3*Pair of rubber cap (S, M, L)
  • 1*English and Chinese user manual
  • 1*Storage pouch